We are guardians of the environment.
Westfalia Fruit is not only a supplier but also a steward of quality and sustainability in the global fruit industry.

As a responsible guardian of the environment and communities in which we operate, we work towards securing the wellbeing of the planet. We are focused on climate-change mitigation, and we strive towards ensuring that all our actions demonstrate sustainability and good governance.

In 2020, we established long-term targets as part of our international Group's Environmental Strategy.

Ratified by our Board and Research, Technology, and Environment Subcommittee, we measure and reduce our carbon and water footprint, optimise waste management, and minimise plastic use across the supply chain.

Our sustainability goals.
Lifetime Net zero in 2049
Reducing water usage by 50%
Improving biodiversity
Increasing natural protection
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Over 95% of our fruit travels by sea and land. Our fruits are carefully packaged in recyclable crates, carton boxes, and biodegradable nets.

Johnathan Sutton
Johnathan Sutton

Group Chief Sustainability Officer at Westfalia Fruit

Climate change affects us all.

We are witnessing the impact of climate change firsthand and realise the need for action. Our in-house research teams develop genetically distinct planting material that can thrive in suboptimal growing conditions while creating farm management best practices that support responsible resource use.

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We have the first Fairtrade-accredited avocado farm globally and the first GlobalGAP-accredited fruit farm in Africa.

We synchronise our values with customers’ brand standards including Waitrose Way, Ahold Foundation, Tesco Nurture and Woolworths Farming for the Future.

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