Innovation is in Westfalia Fruit's DNA.
Westfalia Fruit sets the industry standard with groundbreaking innovations.

Our commitment to research and development resulted in pioneering disease-resistant rootstocks, advanced irrigation technologies, shelf-life extension solutions, and waste reduction strategies to complete our whole fruit approach.

Orchard Innovations
Fruit Chain Innovations
Commercial Innovations
Discover our cultivar and rootstocks, selected based on research.

We own the largest privately funded subtropical research centre. Our professionals create disease-resistant trees to enhance tree health and productivity.

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Our goal is to deliver top quality fruit and have zero waste by implementing innovations throughout our supply chain.

Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell

Head of Innovation at Westfalia Fruit

Learn more about how innovation impacts our products and sustainability approach.

We are the trusted supplier of fresh fruits and plant based products to international markets. Our innovative product portfolio contains unique varieties such as the GEM(R) avocado and beauty products made of avocado.


We work towards securing the wellbeing of the planet. We are focused on climate-change mitigation, and we strive towards ensuring that all our actions demonstrate sustainability and good governance.

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