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Discover our fruit’s journey from pit to plate.

Growing trees

It's in our roots

We carefully nurture our orchards to guarantee high quality products.

We use world-class water-saving technologies, such as precision irrigation and monitoring techniques to deliver the water at the roots.

Mulch is used on our orchards to ensure that moisture is kept in the soil.


We aim to reduce our water usage by 50% per kilogram of avocados before 2030.

Our experts develop new disease resistant rootstocks that optimise tree health and productivity.

The cultivar is the top of the tree that determines the variety of avocado. It is carefully selected based on taste, shape, size, and seed-to-flesh ratio. The top is matched with the rootstock.

The rootstock is selected for the conditions of the tree’s new home.


Pests and disease resistance.

We choose trees that are strong enough to resist certain insects and diseases, so they naturally stay healthy.


Yield efficiency and seasonality.

We pick trees that are very good at bearing fruit and which provide fruit at the right time of the year.


Soil and climate conditions.

We select trees that can grow well in different types of soil and which can handle different weather conditions.


We strive to complete our journey to lifetime net zero throughout our supply chain before 2049.

Naturally, carbon is captured by our trees, root networks, and well-nourished soils. We aim to reach our goal by investing in renewable energy such as solar panels and efficient water pumps for irrigation.

Our products

Zero waste

Avocados that are not sold as whole fruit are used to create other products.

The avocado is one of the most versatile fruits in the world.


Graham Young

Group Chief Operations Officer at Westfalia Fruit


In harmony with nature

On Westfalia Fruit orchards we encourage biodiversity to thrive.

On our orchards, bees pollinate the avocado flowers. Each tree can produce over 1 million flowers per year.

You will find unique local species in our conservation areas.

biodiversity image

Emperor Swallowtail Butterfly

South Africa

The Emperor Swallowtail is one of the largest butterflies in Africa. It holds cultural significance in various African communities. Efforts to conserve its habitat and protect its larval host plants are crucial for its survival.

biodiversity image

Andean Fox


Andean foxes play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem by regulating prey populations. Andean foxes are often featured in local myths and folklore as symbols of wisdom.

biodiversity image

Four Eyed Frog


Despite its common name, the Four-eyed frog does not actually have four eyes. The name comes from two dark spots on the back of its head. As amphibians, frogs are vulnerable creatures and therefore choose their habitat wisely.

We release insects that help protect our trees and fruits from pests.

The scale-eating ladybirds and their larvae are a good example of pest control.

The scale-eating ladybirds and their larvae are a good example of pest control.


From us to you

We provide consistent quality avocados year-round, all in a sustainable manner.

We use the most efficient ways to transport our fruits all over the world.


Over 95% of our fruit travels by sea and land.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

Our fruits are mostly transported by ship in recyclable crates and carton boxes. Based on customer requirements, the fruits can be packed in custom cardboard boxes, biodegradable nets and other sustainable packaging options.

Efficient transportation

Efficient transportation

Thanks to our extensive experience and research, we transport our fruits efficiently. Container ships can optimally control the cooling to ensure the best quality avocado upon arrival. This is done with minimal energy consumption to cool the fruit.

Community Support

Giving back

We care about the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate.

Local communities within our operations' footprint are provided access to employment, healthcare, early childhood development care, housing and water.

Supporting small growers

Supporting small growers

Across the world, we work with local farmers to improve the quality of their fruits and facilitate access to international markets through our networks. This creates sustainable businesses from which communities grow and develop.


Providing healthcare

We care for our colleagues and their health. Even in remote areas, we provide healthcare support. A good example of this is our clinic in Tzaneen, South Africa, where we have qualified nurses and doctors that look after our employees, their families, and the local community.


Educational initiatives

Our future generations are supported on their educational journey. From after-school programmes to university scholarships, graduate programmes, and learnerships, we create opportunities for the next generations.

Our Purpose

Growing goodness

So next time you eat an avocado think about this story. Doesn’t that make you feel amazing?

Our philosophy ‘to do good’ is inspired by our founder, Dr. Hans Merensky.


Rian du Toit

Acting Group CEO at Westfalia Fruit

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